Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling

Across Naples And Nearby Areas

Here at Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Designs, LLC, we provide a variety of quality services that are designed to help the residents of Naples and its surrounding areas to achieve the look and layout that they want for their properties. Our specialty, kitchen remodeling, is known as one of the most sought after in the entire city primarily because of our local kitchen renovation experts’ proficiency in providing custom kitchen cabinet installations and other kitchen additions.

Aside from that, we also offer bathroom remodeling services, painting and plumbing, and even installations for floors, carpets, tile, stone, and marble. For more information about what we can do for you and other residents living in and around Naples, feel free to check out the information provided below:

Additions and Remodeling

Additions & Remodeling

Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Designs, LLC provides home additions, as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling services that are tailored according to the needs and preferences of people living in Naples and its surrounding areas. With years of experience under their belts, our team of kitchen remodeling contractors has a sharp eye for detail that enables them to work with any type of design or layout that you want for your property. May it be to include additions that will enhance the aesthetic of your interior spaces or to remodel a part of your property, you can count on us to provide you with the quality results that you’re looking for.

Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom remodeling service is one of the most sought after services in our arsenal of specializations by clients living in and around the city of Naples. In a nutshell, our team of bathroom remodeling experts will check and assess your bathroom’s existing structure and design, and improve it based on your specifications. Essentially, our goal is to make your bathroom look good as new. In addition, our contractors are highly experienced in taking on and accomplishing bathroom remodeling projects, and work closely with our skilled interior designers to achieve the design that you want.

Bathroom Remodel
Flooring and Carpet

Flooring & Carpet

Although we are primarily known for our proficiency in the field of kitchen remodeling, our team of local kitchen renovation experts have branched out to specialize in other services including flooring and carpeting. And with our expertise, we can provide our clients with high quality flooring options — specifically hardwood and laminate floor installations — that would definitely make the homes of our clients throughout Naples look good as new. With this, you will be able to see a whole new look for your floor without having to burn a hole through your wallet.

Kitchen Remodel

Here at Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Designs, LLC, we are known by the residents of Naples as the go-to company for all of their kitchen remodeling projects. Whether it be a custom kitchen cabinet installation or other kitchen additions, you can count on our team of local kitchen renovation experts to accomplish your project thoroughly and deliver the quality remodeling service that you deserve. Essentially, we always see to it that our clients get the most out of what they paid for for their kitchens.

Kitchen Remodel
Painting and Plumbing

Painting & Plumbing

Throughout the years, our kitchen remodeling contractors have expanded their expertise to include other specialized services such as painting and plumbing. As you may know, painting and plumbing requires a certain level of skill and knowledge for them to be performed successfully. And with our professional contractors’ dedication to improving their craft, they have been able to master these services and have proceeded to provide the highest quality painting and plumbing solutions to people living in and around Naples.


Apart from painting and plumbing, as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, we also offer tile, stone, and marble installation services for our clients in Naples and nearby areas. And as the most reliable remodeling services provider in our community, we make sure that our tile, stone, and marble solutions are tailored according to our clients’ needs, specifications, and preferences without compromising our quality of work, as well as agreed deadlines.


Through our services, you will be able to achieve the design and layout that you have always wanted for your property. And with the skill and expertise of our experienced kitchen remodeling contractors, you can rest assured that we will deliver the quality results that you deserve whenever you opt for our services.

So, whether you need a bathroom or a kitchen remodeling for your property in Naples, always remember that Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Designs, LLC is here to provide you with the outstanding service that you’re looking for. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 239-692-4454 or send us an email at You can also leave us a message by filling out the form provided on our Contact Us page.